When: 6:30pm April 9th, 2018

Where: Bozeman Public Library

Cost: FREE

Heal yourself with stem cells | Bozeman Sport & SpineHave you caught yourself looking
at those threatening stairs, knowing how much it is going to hurt going up and especially coming back down the stairs? Are you avoiding going on the walk, sitting through a movie, or enjoying the outdoors, knowing that you are going to pay for it later with a sleepless night? Is it hard to put the dishes away, swing the golf club, or take out the trash? Maybe you just can’t sleep on your side due to the pain in your shoulder. Or perhaps it is not that severe yet, just an annoyance that is becoming more constant and persistent with your run or hike in the mountains. And now you’re thinking that maybe I will not buy that season ski pass next year.

You have seen your Doctor and have had steroid injections that helped in the past, though they do not seem to be as effective anymore. Maybe you have been to Physical Therapy, and though improved, you are still limiting yourself due to the pain in your joint. You might have seen the surgeon, and even had a surgery in the past. You were told the only thing left would be a total joint replacement. You have heard of people having good results with a joint replacement but also have a friend who had to have a repeat surgery and wishes they never had the surgery in the first place. Isn’t there anything else that can be done? If only I could turn back the clock!

That is a great question: What if I could turn back the clock? Are there options to surgery, steroid injections and just covering up the pain?

Science continues to make great gains, and one of those areas that is exciting with new prospects is the field of Biologics, or more specifically OthoBiologics. This is the process of using the innate self-healing characteristics of the body to repair, to restore and to regenerate. You may have heard of Stemcells, maybe even PRP, though doubtfully you have heard much of alpha 2 macroglobulin. These are all products, cells, or chemicals that are naturally present in our bodies that we now have the technology to isolate and utilize to help restore, regenerate and repair injured or damaged joints, tendons and ligaments. In a sense to turn back the clock, and help return you to an active lifestyle.

I encourage you to sign up and attend this FREE lecture discussing the use of these OrthoBiologics in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as joint pain, torn tendons or ligaments that we are offering in Bozeman Montana.

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