Spinal Related Conditions

Care For Your Spine

Spinal injuries can be particularly troubling, especially when you’re having trouble moving, sitting, standing, or even sleeping. When you want qualified care that can help you feel your best, Bozeman Sport and Spine can provide a customized approach to medical assistance.

Explore Our Services

Let us provide the help you need with services such as:

  • Comprehensive evaluation to determine the source of symptoms and provide options for treatment
  • In-office ultrasound guided injections
  • Hospital-based fluoroscopic guided spinal injections
    • Epidural steroid injections via interlaminar or transforaminal approach — injections via epidural into the spine to block pain and promote healing
    • Selective nerve blocks — nerve blocks to dull pain and help patients stay comfortable
    • Facet joint injections — injections into the facet joints to numb pain and encourage movement
    • Radiofrequency ablations — a procedure to dull pain that utilizes an electrical current produced by a radio wave
    • COOLIEF radiofrequency ablation procedures — ablation utilizing COOLIEF cooled radiofrequency devices
    • Sympathetic ganglion blocks — anesthetic blocks into ganglion nerve clusters to control severe or chronic pain
  • Guided treatment team in therapy services
  • Acupuncture
  • Restorative medicine practices
    • Bioidentical hormone — natural hormone therapy
    • Restorative exercises
    • Nutrition
    • Nutrient and food sensitivity testing
    • Lifestyle optimization
    • Interventions
  • Ultrasound guided injections — injections directed by ultrasound for precision
  • Fluoroscpopic guided injections — injections directed by fluoroscopy

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