Regenerative Medicine

Explore The Power of Stem Cells

Stem cells have long been a promising treatment opportunity for a wide variety of ills and ailments. However, politics has long kept valuable innovations on the side line. However, as research improves, stem cell treatments are growing in prominence, offering hope to patients who have spent far too long living in pain. Bozeman Sport and Spine is on the forefront of these emerging technologies, employing stem cell therapies across the PM&R field.

Stem cell treatments offer an exciting option to help your body heal and prevent the need for surgery, allowing you to turn back the clock and get back to doing what you are missing. This can be the perfect solution for treating chronic pain, including pain from ligaments, tendons, physical injuries and arthritis.

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Through the use of regenerative medicine, Bozeman Sport and Spine is able to offer comprehensive care for injuries, strains, sprains, and pain, providing dedicated assistance for those in need.

Options for patients include:

  • Stem cells: The use of undifferentiated biological cells to regenerate and restore the body’s natural cells
  • PRP: Is platelet rich plasma. The is the process of isolating and concentrating the Platelet portion of the blood that is responsible for stimulating the growth and repair of tissue. It can be used to alleviate pain in a joint, promote the healing of a torn tendon, ligament or muscle or stimulate the activation and reparative process of the stem cells.
  • A-2-M: Alpha 2 Macroglobulin. This is a large protein that circulates in our blood and is known to break down enzymes responsible for tissue destruction. It is also isolated from the blood by a very specific process and then concentrated and injected into a joint to retard the degenerative processes that may be going on in a joint. It has been shown that individuals with low levels of A-2-M in their joints have more degeneration. The research out of Brown University has shown promise as to the clinical utility of this product.
  • Prolotherapy: also known as a nonsurgical ligament and tendon reconstruction and regenerative joint injection, prolotherapy is an orthopedic procedure that stimulates natural healing of connective tissue
  • Percutaneous needle tenotomy: minimally invasive ultrasound-guided injection used to address chronic tendon problems

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