About Bozeman Sport, Spine & Regenerative Medicine

We Take a Holistic Approach to Care

Some doctors are more interested in the bottom line than their patients, moving from appointment to appointment with a focus on quick care rather than personalized assistance. Dr. Aylor at Bozeman Sport and Spine is a compassionate, hands-on practitioner dedicated to innovative treatments for the benefit of patients. Rather than using shots of pain medication to control swelling and inflammation, Dr. Aylor prefers more hands-on options to truly facilitate healing and wellness.

About Dr. Bradley Aylor

Dr. Bradley Aylor PT, MD | Bozeman Sport, Spine & Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Bradley Aylor, MD directs the Bozeman Sport and Spine Center in Bozeman, Montana. Dr. Aylor received his medical training at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. He additionally holds a degree in Physical Therapy and has completed graduate studies in Exercise Physiology. The Consumer Research Council of America named Dr. Aylor one of the nation’s leading Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctors.

He is board certified in 4 different specialties — Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine, and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Aylor travels nationally to teach other physicians techniques in physical examination and spinal procedures. He is also credentialed in Registered Musculoskeletal Sonography (RMSK) and Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and Obesity Medicine. He is an active member of several professional organizations, including the American College of Sports Medicine, International Spinal Injection Society, PASSOR, the American Society of International Pain Physicians, and A4M.

Innovative Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cell therapies are still in their infancy in the medical world, but Bozeman Sport and Spine is on the forefront of use. With the ability to promote regeneration and restoration of the body’s natural abilities, this unique opportunity allows Dr. Aylor and his team to take a creative approach to problem-solving for the benefit of patients like you. With a wide range of therapies that go beyond standard care, you can feel better than ever with help from our dedicated team.

Solution-focused Medical Care

Medical care often feels like an assembly line: patients go in, get a quick fix, and leave again. Unfortunately, this approach isn’t always effective and often fails to take underlying issues into account. Luckily, Bozeman Sport and Spine is different. Dr. Aylor and his team will always go the extra mile to appropriately diagnose issues, discuss long-term impact, and devise treatments that address overall problems, not just surface-level complaints.


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